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Lose Belly Fat In One Week

Let’s be frank straight from the off, you’re not going to be able to lose belly fat in one week and look like you have a rock hard abdomen. Unfortunately guys, it’s going to take a little longer than that but if you start off well in the first week you will start to see some significant results that will help to motivate you in the future. It is important that you ignore the various myths and fad diets which you see on the television and littered all over the Internet. They promote some quite bizarre solutions to help you lose weight and look great in just a week.

You may have come across many different weight loss supplements and diet related pills which promote rapid weight loss due to their patented ingredients. It is true that some of these supplements have the ability to help you lose belly fat fast, however the word supplement is key in this discussion. They should be used as an addition to your overall weight loss and exercise regime. Considering them as a magic pill which will enable you to get a flat stomach in a week is very unrealistic. Many ladies consider these drastic solutions for how to lose belly fat for women.

Fat Burning Techniques On Your Belly

There are also a number of other health plans which offer very fast fat burning techniques and in particular they focus on the consumption of a very small quantity of carbohydrates to lose belly fat quickly. The first few days of this particular diet will help to change your metabolism and your body will start to change. However they are not really that good for trying to get a six pack because after a few days they will start to burn muscle tissue and the metabolism benefits will stop.

The emphasis of any weight loss plan is to focus on the long-term, so initiating a low carbohydrate diet which deprives your body of the necessary nutrients will not provide long-lasting results. When you start eating a normal diet again your put weight on very quickly. It would be more sensible to have a healthy eating plan in place to lose belly fat in two weeks as opposed to the drastic measures required to do so in one week.

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High Intensity Training To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

It is suggested that you take a long term approach and do high intensity interval training, which is cardiovascular exercise regimes that vary in their intensity. You may run fast for a period of time, then you may just jog and perhaps for a short period you may walk. Research suggests that if you vary the intensity of your workouts, you will increase your metabolic rate and perhaps you could reduce body fat by approximately 50%. Unfortunately many people who want to lose weight in all areas of their body tend to stick to moderate pace exercise such as running at the same speed for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

It is possible to lose belly fat at home and in a natural way by applying other diet regimes and using weights and certain exercises in the comfort of your home. You could consider using a kettle bell or doing a Zumba dance routine which can be followed on your television. Whether you want to lose belly fat naturally at home or whether you want to attend the gym, it is important that you continue to exercise your whole body and all the relevant muscle groups. Targeting simply your abdominal region will only encourage the increase in muscle mass and will not help to burn fat.

In response to the question, how do you lose belly fat in one week, the answer is simple just don’t do it because all you will end up with is layers of fat over hard earned muscle. The solution is the same for both men and women so if you’re looking for information on how to lose belly fat for women or men then please keep it simple and follow a long-term process.

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